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Church History

New Life Church is the result of the merging of two churches, Trinity Baptist Church and CrossPointe West.


Trinity Baptist Church has been here, in the Heights neighborhood of Vancouver since the 1940s. Originally, Trinity began as a Bible study began on Z Street in downtown Vancouver, planted out of 1st Baptist Church of Longview, WA. When that Bible study grew, music and a sermon were added and Trinity Church was born.

CrossPointe West was born out of CrossPointe Baptist Church in the Orchard's neighborhood of Vancouver. In 2017, CrossPointe West began services in Washington Elementary School in the Rosemere neighborhood of Vancouver to reach that area of downtown. CrossPointe West grew slowly from 2017 until 2020 when the school district canceled public rentals of buildings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s where God stepped in! The retiring pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Olin Brock, contacted Grant Welch, the pastor of CrossPointe West, to see if God could unite both congregations into a new church and instill new life. As a result, New Life Church was officially founded in September of 2022.

Since then, God has provided direction, people, and resources for becoming a church that honors Him and makes Him known. Although we have a ways to go to see our God-given vision to fruition as a church, we celebrate our history and embrace our present phase of growth and new life!

You are now a part of this new chapter of sharing Jesus from the Vancouver Heights that is called New Life Church! It is an honor to be on Jesus’ team and doing His work as a church and it will be awesome to see what plans God has for New Life!

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